Get to know your car better before you buy it!

Assist Car Buyers is a unique company to provide truthful information to clients for purchasing vehicle. We are Not inspection company even though we do inspect the car as well. Our mission is to assist people with more knowledge about vehicle, so they can't be misled or lied to from dealers. we have more than 18 years experience in car industry, (buy, sale , finance and export).

All orders must be placed within 24 hours in advance.


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Step One:

Body and cosmetic

✔ Condition of the body and paint with the paint meter.
✔ Presence of scratches, cracks, dents, or rust with 35 pictures.
✔ Underbody check for any signs of rust or damage.
✔ Condition of tires and wheels.
✔ Glass exam for cracks or other flaws.
✔ Previous accident damage and previous flood damage with carfax report.
✔ Thorough check of interior--including upholstery, mats, headliner, and seat belts.

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Step two

Mechanical and test drive

✔ Check lights, A/C, gauges, and operation of all other electrical items
✔ Comprehensive inspection of the motor and transmission
✔ Steering, suspension, Braking components, and Exhaust system
✔ Visual inspection of engine and all other items under the hood
✔ Notation of fluid level, oil leaks, and any missing parts.


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Step three

Wholesale and retail value of the car
We will provide you with Manheim Market Report (MMR) Manheim is the largest Auction in the USA(this will allow you to know
what sale price of the vehicle was at auction), also we will look up the similar vehicle on retail website like auto trader or car gurus.

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Step Four

Financing consulting

In today's car industry most dealer make money on financing and other product that you may never even use any of it, we will share our 18 year experience with you that you can get better deal, we'll guide you with just some simple question about your job and income.

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